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How to Handle a Bad Career Move

By Magnus Nord


I recently talked to a friend that felt he had done a bad career move lately. When that happens it can be really frustrating, and it made me think about what to do in situations like that.

When lost in the wilderness, you might want to remember the STOP acronym which stands for Stop, Think, Observe and Plan.

As it turns out, this acronym works well in other contexts, too. Being lost in your career is no exception. Though some other tips like "make a fire" and "look for shelter" might not be relevant.

Three Types of Teams That Don't Scrum

By Magnus Nord

productivityPeople might not like the idea of Scrum for many reasons. Three types of teams that don’t Scrum though they might have heard of it are:

1. Teams that are productive
2. Teams that think they are productive
3. Teams that don't want to be productive.

So before shifting to Scrum, think about your reasons behind migrating and if it is a good idea to start with. If you go through with it, consider how teams will react to the change and formulate a transition plan accordingly.

5 Reasons to Walk Away From a Startup Job Offering

By Magnus Nord

Business Handshake

Working for a small company has a lot of benefits. It is easier to make your voice heard and get recognition for your work. Smaller companies sometimes take better care of their employees and offer benefits not available in larger corporations. Most of all, though, it’s a lot of fun!

Working in a startup is also associated with greater uncertainty. If the company is in a decisive period and management fails to make the right decisions, your job security is jeopardized.

Here are five things that you should ponder before accepting a job offer from a startup or small IT company.