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Zen of Scrum: Backlog Grooming

By Magnus Nord

yin-yangLast time I wrote about sprint planning which is one of four formal events prescribed by Scrum.

In this post I explain what product backlog grooming is, when it is performed, and how it is done.

Backlog grooming is often performed throughout the sprint. Perhaps this is one reason why it’s not considered a formal event.

However, many teams do backlog grooming as an explicit meeting, and some people think it should be incorporated as a formal meeting in the guide, too.

Zen of Scrum: Roles and Teams

By Magnus Nord

Yin Yang

The agile team concept is one of the Scrum practices that might be difficult to fully grasp. For me at least,this is a continuous learning experience.

It is also one of the most important things to get right: and where many agile transitions go wrong. Cross-functional, self-organizing teams runs counter to the classical matrix management structure with project teams.

Many organizations do sprints, Scrum boards, burndowns, and so on, but don’t change their mindset much.