Zen of Scrum: The Five Values

By Magnus Nord


While most people know about daily scrums, sprints and poker planning, and others only associate Scrum with post-its scattered on a whiteboard, few are aware of the five Scrum values. Do you know them?

This is the second post in a series related to the Zen of Scrum presentation (available on SlideShare.net). In the previous post I wrote about the agile manifesto where the five values are rooted.



Here's a good post about Scrum's five values and why they matter. Mik writes

I believe that the Five Scrum Values address the human aspect of Scrum, in a way that the Scrum processes, ceremonies and roles do not. It provides a framework for how we can interact effectively as a team, on a human level.

I agree. I think many organizations apply Scrum processes and events without understanding or caring about underlying principles.

In fact, at the top of Craig Larman and Bas Voddle's list of organizational impediments is superficial adoption.

This, in turn, fosters the belief that meaningful problems can be solved by saying "we do agile" and going through the motions of doing so, with no deep understanding or change by the leadership team.

So, don’t forget about why you adopt agile. Make sure people get proper training before you dive in: and don’t forget about management.

In the next post I'll write about the roles, processes and events (or ceremonies) defined by Scrum.

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  1. for me openness and communication is most important in scrum